To ensure that our users have complete and transparent information, we, at ExpediUSA, have listed down each and every one of our terms & conditions clearly. We do this for a reason - so you have as much knowledge as possible about ExpediUSA and what we do. We want you to trust us entirely and understand any and everything about our process and procedures, which is why we have explained them in detail. 


We urge you to read these terms and conditions, if not the entire thing, at least the sections that interest and concern you. 


Terms of Service for Job Seekers


  • The ExpediUSA website contains links to third-party sites on the internet, also known as “external websites”. You acknowledge that ExpediUSA is not responsible for or liable to any such third parties or the content and materials located through such websites. You must contact the website administrator or webmaster to check for the appropriate external websites if you have any concerns or interests regarding such links or material.

  • ExpediUSA may publish job ads promoting employment opportunities and other job-related requirements, including links to third-party websites through ExpediUSA’s search results as well as on the website.

  • Searching for Job Ads on ExpediUSA is free for job seekers. However, please acknowledge and understand that Job Ads are created and provided by third parties and that ExpediUSA has no control over the Job Ads or any such content that is being published on the website. For instance, if a third party is charging a fee to apply to a particular job, ExpediUSA will not be liable to pay any damages or loss of money. Although ExpediUSA attempts not to make such Job Ads available on the website, some may fall through the cracks. So please be advised that ExpediUSA is not liable for any such Job Ads or content published thereof. 

  • If, while searching for a job, job seekers choose to leave ExpediUSA’s website and enter a third-party website, he/she is accepting any terms and conditions imposed by the said third party. 

  • Job Posting: We cannot confirm the accuracy of every single job posting on our website, including the employer’s identity. Except for the Job Ads and listings that are sponsored, featured, or paid for, every posting on the website is automated. ExpediUSA has no obligation to screen any Job Ads and may remove any Job Ad from the website or your search result for any or no reason. ExpediUSA assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for the content, accuracy, reliability, and legality of the Job Ads. And, by consenting to the terms and conditions, you agree that ExpediUSA has no responsibility to furnish any or all Job Ads to you.


Terms of Service for Employers


The following terms and conditions apply to every employer and other users who access or use the website as intended for organizations or individuals seeking to publish information regarding employment openings, on their or the company’s behalf, including but not limited to consultants and agencies acting on behalf of multiple parties.


For all intents and purposes, every reference to “you” or “your” in the below section of terms of service refer to the individual or organization accessing the website in the capacity of an employer.


Employer’s User Account


When you log in or create an employer account on ExpediUSA, you agree that the terms & conditions, privacy policy, and cookie policy apply to you. As an employer, your account at ExpediUSA is for business use and not for personal use. Furthermore, ExpediUSA is not responsible for any disclaims or liabilities if a third party uses your email unlawfully or falsely.


General Terms and Conditions for Employers


  • By registering for an ExpediUSA account, you agree to receive mandatory email updates regarding any abnormal activity on your account. If you attempt to send an email under a false name or email address that is not accurate, we reserve the right to block such email from our domain, considering it as a violation of our terms.

  • By agreeing to ExpediUSA’s terms and conditions, you also consent that, as part of our service to job seekers, we may activate the “Apply” function to your job listing and that any job seeker who wishes to indicate an interest in your job listing may only do so through the said function.

  • You also agree that ExpediUSA may activate a chatbot, enabling job seekers to apply to your job posting by answering questions. The answers submitted by the job seeker will be presented to you as a job application.

  • We may use job seekers’ resumes or application materials to determine whether the “keywords” of their resume match the words of your job listing to decide whether or not it is a good fit or not and vice-versa.

  • You may receive messages, emails, or notifications corresponding to your job posting from job seekers through our Chatbot, “Apply”, or any other communication service or feature provided on or through our website. In each case, such messages or notifications are provided solely as a courtesy, and you should not rely on them. For instance, if you wish to conduct an interview with a job seeker, it is your responsibility to follow up with the applicant through other means (except ExpediUSA’s message box) to ensure they are aware of the interview timing and not rely on the notifications through ExpediUSA.


Job Search Content


ExpediUSA reserve the right to determine whether to exclude certain advertisements.


Passwords, API Keys and Other Security Devices


If ExpediUSA provides a third-party or affiliate with a password, API key or any other security device to obtain access to our website, that affiliate/third-party shall maintain the confidentiality of the password at all times and not share it or access to any such non-public areas for unauthorized purposes.


Modifications to Terms & Conditions


ExpediUSA may modify the terms and conditions at any time, without liability, as we deem appropriate. However, we will update or notify them about said changes by sending out a proper notice through reliable communication channels.