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Assistant Service Technician

  • imgLocationHouston,Usa
  • imgExperience1 years
  • imgJob TypeFull Time
  • imgSalary TBD
Posted On 01.11.2022

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Job Posted01.11.2022
Closing Job13.12.2022
Total Position1
Job LevelExecutive
Required EducationHigh School
Years of Experience1 years
Job FunctionJob Responsibilities: 1. Assist with installation, preventative maintenance, service/repair of facility equipment, components and related equipment. Includes plumbing, electrical (low voltage), security systems, appliances, vehicle inspections and maintenance, landscape and irrigation. 2. Assist with installation, construction, and service/repair facility structural components that maintain architectural integrity i.e., drywall, painting, doors, door hardware, windows, ceilings, floors, roofing and all other structural components. 3. Complete tasks for room “Make Ready” needs. 4. Complete all necessary paperwork involving job related tasks. 5. Ensure all repairs, installations and service procedures comply with all applicable government ordinances and codes. 6. Life safety is a priority. Must be responsive to security related issues in all facilities: door locks, security camera system, fire alarm, and burglar alarm. 7. Practice, support and promote WORKPLACE SAFETY. This includes all commonly accepted safety practices and SOH specific policies and procedures. 8. Assist with Volunteer projects as needed. 9. Ensure facility/workplace is clean and well-kept at all times. Other Job Responsibilities: 1. Participate in Ministry and prayer activities, as appropriate. 2. Other duties as assigned.
Job CategoryCraft and Related Trades Workers

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