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Why You Should Not Underestimate Your Veteran Skills When Looking for a Job in the USA

As a veteran, when you think about finding a job in the United States, you may not automatically think about your veteran skills. But the truth is, these skills can be a major asset in your job search. There are many reasons why you should not underestimate your veteran skills when looking for a job in the USA.

For one, these skills are in high demand by employers. And secondly, they can help you stand out from the competition.

In this blog post, we help you understand why you should not underestimate your veteran skills when looking for a job in the USA.

We will also provide some tips on how to best highlight these skills on your resume and during interviews.

The Benefits of Being a Veteran

As a veteran, you bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the civilian workforce. Here are some of the benefits of being a veteran when looking for the best military veterans jobs in the USA:

You have discipline and know how to follow orders.

1. You're used to working long hours and under pressure.

2. You're adaptable and can quickly learn new things.

3. You have leadership experience.

4. You're good at problem-solving and decision-making.

5. You're resilient and can handle stress well.

6. You're a team player.

The Importance of Transferable Skills

As a veteran, you have a unique set of skills that can be transferable to a wide variety of civilian jobs. Many veterans underestimate their skills and experience when looking for a job in the civilian sector. However, your skills and experience are valuable assets that can help you find a great job in the USA.

Here are some of the most important transferable skills that you, as a veteran, can offer to potential employers:


Veterans have often been placed in leadership roles during their time in the military. This experience can be invaluable in civilian jobs that require strong leadership skills.

Organizational Skills

Veterans are often required to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities at one time. This experience can be helpful in any job that requires excellent organizational skills.

Communication Skills

Veterans are trained to communicate verbally and written effectively. This skill is essential in any job that involves regular communication with others.

Problem-Solving Skills

Veterans are adept at problem-solving due to their experience dealing with complex issues and challenges. This skill is useful in any type of job, as every workplace deals with occasional problems.

Team Building Skills

Veterans are always required to work in teams. Hence, they are excellent team builders in any situation. They are trained to understand each other’s skills and capabilities and make teams with people that complement their skills. These skills can greatly work for a business.

Veterans offer potential employers a wealth of valuable skills and experiences. When searching for a job in the USA, don't underestimate your veteran skills - they could be just what employers are looking for!

How to Find a Job as a Veteran

As a veteran, you have a lot to offer employers. Your skills and experience are in high demand, and there are many resources available to help you find a job.

Here are the five best job search tips for veterans:

1. Use your network. Talk to other veterans, friends, and family members about job opportunities. They may know of companies that are hiring or can put you in touch with someone who can help you find a job.

2. Utilize resources like the Veterans Employment Center (VEC). The VEC is a free online resource that connects veterans with employers. It includes job listings, resume assistance, and information on education and training programs.

3. Attend job fairs specifically for veterans. Many employers participate in these events, which provide an opportunity to learn about open positions and meet potential employers face-to-face.

4. Search online job boards. Some of the best job websites in the USA have job listings specifically for veterans. These include MilitaryHire, Veterans Jobs Bank, and Hire Heroes USA. Social media and professional networking platforms like LinkedIn are great ways to start looking for a job. You need to make an excellent resume with all your skills and start searching for potential businesses.

5. Contact your local Veterans Affairs (VA) office. The VA can provide information on employment resources and benefits available to veterans. There are diverse options that the VA office can help you with when looking for jobs.

The Different Types of Jobs for Veterans

There are many different types of jobs for veterans in the USA. Here are just a few examples:

  • Veterans can work in the government in various capacities.
  • Veterans can find jobs in the private sector, such as working for a company that provides services to the government.
  • Veterans can start their own businesses.
  • Veterans can work in non-profit organizations that help other veterans.
  • Veterans can work in education, either teaching or working in support roles.
  • There are also many job opportunities specifically for veterans with disabilities.

Some of the top 5 industries for military veterans jobs are engineering, construction, medical, security, and construction.


If you're a veteran looking for the best job in the USA, don't underestimate your skills. While it's true that the civilian workforce may operate differently from the military, your skills are still highly valued.

Employers are always looking for candidates with leadership experience. And as a veteran, you have plenty of that.

So don't sell yourself short — highlight your veteran status on your resume and be prepared to discuss how your skills can transfer to the civilian workplace. With a little effort, you'll be sure to land the job you want.

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