By Expedi USA, June 03, 2022
Why Veterans Fit Cybersecurity Roles Perfectly: 5 Reasons

The cybersecurity industry has been increasing in popularity since the early 2000s. An article from Forbes stated that there would be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2021.

As a result of this demand, military veterans are now entering this field with eagerness and enthusiasm. Cybersecurity has quickly become of the most military veteran jobs in the US and around the world.

Although cybersecurity is not the first jobs for military that will pop up in your mind, it has increasingly become a popular option, and if you think why, the following will help you understand.

Cybersecurity Needs Military-Style Intensity

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a high-pressure, time-demanding job like most other military veteran jobs. Veterans are accustomed to working in high-stress environments where success or failure can distinguish between life and death.

They’ve also learned to thrive in austere conditions, whether that means operating in the field for weeks or working long hours from home on short notice.

As a result of these experiences, veterans are more likely than non-veterans to be able to handle the intense demands of cybersecurity careers without flinching or feeling overwhelmed by them.

Cybersecurity Requires Fighting Adversaries

Veterans are trained to fight adversaries. You’re probably thinking: “Wait a minute, I was in the Army, and we never fought anyone!” That's true—but you did train to fight enemies and adversaries.

You might be surprised at how much of your day-to-day training resembles the challenges that cybersecurity professionals face today.

Veterans get this concept because it's ingrained into their mindset from day one of boot camp: The team wins together; individuals lose alone.

Veterans Have Strong Teamwork Skills

Veterans have been trained to work as part of a team, which is crucial for cybersecurity. Cybersecurity experts are often called upon to solve problems that require input from multiple sources and teams. Veterans have experience working in situations where a lot rides on their ability to work together and coordinate with others.

Finally, veterans are often trained in teamwork under stress (or even combat). These skills translate very well into cybersecurity because cyberattacks can happen at any time.

It can also involve fast decision-making under stressful conditions where lives may be at stake if you don't act quickly or correctly enough.

Veterans Have Strong Work Ethics

Veterans have a strong work ethic. They're dedicated to serving the people, and that commitment extends beyond the battlefield. Veterans are known for working long hours and going above and beyond expectations when it comes to military veteran jobs. That's why veterans make outstanding employees in any field—including cybersecurity!

Some veterans may choose not to leave the military entirely once they've retired from active duty service (and many do).

But there is no doubt that veterans possess a unique set of skills that transfer well into any industry or field they choose after leaving active duty service.

The Cybersecurity Industry Needs Adaptable people

One of the most important traits for a cybersecurity professional to possess is the ability to be adaptable. The cybersecurity field moves at a breakneck pace, with regularly available new technologies and methodologies.

To keep up with these changes, professionals must be able to shift their attention from one thing to another without losing ground in any aspect of their work.

Veterans adapt quickly in all aspects of life, making them ideal candidates for entering the cybersecurity field. Many research studies have shown that military veterans make better employees than those who have not served in uniform due largely to this ability.

There are also many advantages they bring with them into civilian life that can help them excel as members of any workforce – including cyber security, just like any other jobs for military.

A Military Veteran is dedicated to serve the people

Veterans are dedicated to serving the people, and they've seen the dangers of cyberattacks. As a result, they want to do everything they can to protect others from those same threats.

Cybersecurity is all about protecting people and their rights when it comes down to it. The Bill of Rights was established in 1791 as "the nation's first ten amendments" (according to US News). Protecting these rights for all citizens is what veterans fight for every day—which means that veterans are already inherently motivated when it comes time for them to enter into cybersecurity careers.

Veteran employees tend not only to be highly motivated but also be very good at communicating with each other when needed--and both qualities are hallmarks of good cybersecurity workers!


We hope we’ve convinced you that a military veteran can be a great addition to any cybersecurity team. These are just a few examples of why we believe so strongly in veterans. There are countless others, from their adaptability to their strong work ethics to their ability to overcome adversity.

At this point, it should be clear why so many cyber pros are veterans—and why the industry needs more of them.

If you’re interested in joining up with other veterans in the world of cybersecurity or want to learn more about what they have to offer, check out the job opening at ExpediUSA and conduct a job search in USA.

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