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Tips to Make Remote Working Work for You

Working from home is great, right until your dog starts barking aimlessly at the window, or your neighbor begins to fire up all sorts of noisy machinery and power tools across the street!! Covid 19 has caused remote work to become a necessity instead of a luxury for many employees. According to recent research of the Society for Human Resource Management, around three-fourths, i.e., 71% of the employers face difficulty adapting to telework. Remote working comes with many challenges, including designing your schedule, finding the right work-life balance that works for you, and staying productive and effective during working hours. There is no one size fits all formula for work from home. Even though teleworking is not a new trend, many people need to figure out how to work through it with trial and error. Every employee working remotely faces unique challenges and distractions that are hard to avoid and make work complex and challenging. At the home office, your family members can become a huge hurdle to deal with. Without co-workers and supervisors around, no one is watching, so you do not feel the same communal obligation and peer pressure to get things done. ( Also, you never have to wear pants!) To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of some fantastic tips to ensure a productive remote work life!

Communicate Expectations with Others at Home

Yes, you are working from home, but you still have ‘company’. Ensure that your family members, roommates, and dogs (well, maybe not dogs) respect your boundaries during working hours. Working from does not imply that you are home. Lay some ground rules, if you have to share your office space with someone else, about shared desks, chairs, quiet times, and meeting times. Getting distracted with things around the house is easy but if someone else is going to be at home while you are working, be clear about when you are in your ‘office’ so that they know you are occupied even if it feels like you are handing out at home.

Schedule Your Well-Deserved Breaks

As a telecommuter, you may avoid your breaks altogether. Do not get guilt-tripped and prevent yourself from taking time to relax. However, instead of drifting away on social media right at your work desk, use this break to take a walk, eat, spend time with your family, and enjoy the fresh air. Breaks as such can make you feel recharged and allow you to work better. You do not have to work 100% of the time just because you are working from home to be productive.

Acknowledge and Interact with Other Humans

In the ‘office’ office, your co-workers often drop by your desk, invite you to lunch, and engage in a conversation. You will likely miss these social interactions throughout the day when you are at home. These social benefits are nice to have and make each day at work unique. So, what can you do? Fight the regular boredom and loneliness by communicating with other employees online. Reach out to your colleagues via video chat apps such as Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, or plain and simple phone calls.

Note: You are working from home, not the moon. Communicating with other people around the day is allowed, even if they are not your co-workers. Seeing a different face during the day is a good idea when you spend most of your workday in solidarity.

Keep Your Meals Ready the Night Before

Being at home makes it very tempting to cook meals and have an elaborate breakfast and lunch. But it takes up a lot of your time, and this may affect your work hours. Prepare your food ahead of time, the night before, to use your breaks to eat them during the non-work hours.

Pick a Definitive Finishing Time

Before you start working from home, it is presumptuous that remote working allows a better work-life balance. However, that is not at all true. Working remotely can feel like being at a casino. You may get so caught up playing in a relaxing environment that you may lose complete track of time. Do not let your professional life bleed into your personal life. It is vital to maintain a boundary for both the halves of the equation. Set an alarm for the day end to indicate that your regular working hours have ended. This helps you know that technically your day is over, and then call it quits for the evening.

Fix a Sleeping and Eating Schedule

The biggest advantage of remote working is complete access to the kitchen!! Having an unhealthy diet can drain your energy and make you unproductive too. Switch to a more nutritious diet to function better and make the most of your routine. It is also essential to maintain a sleep schedule. Save binge-watching your favorite series and movies for the weekend. Eat the right food to maintain your energy levels and sound sleep to keep your mind and body fresh. A combination of good meals and rest can make working from home a success.

Talk to Your Employer

If you want to pivot your current job into a full-time remote position, it is time to have ‘the talk’ with your boss. If you are not sure, your employer will agree to the idea or not, ask for a trial period and work from home using the tips above. If you cannot work it out with your current boss, switch to a full-time remote job now!

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