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Time Management Techniques to Work Efficiently

At any moment, you are doing what you most want to be doing. Right now, you are reading this article because you chose to do so! Earlier today, you might have spent an hour watching your favorite movie rather than visiting the nearest healthcare center and getting yourself vaccinated because you actively procrastinated the latter. So, when it comes to time management, the first step, invariably, is to know that people are always in control of their own time. Yes, you may have your preoccupations or a boss, never failing to keep you on your toes, but fundamentally, you are in control of your time, and you can certainly choose what to do with it. Some things aren't your priority, but you want them to be. This article will talk to you about effective time management techniques to work efficiently.

Hell yeah or no!

The subheading pretty much tells you a lot about what we will talk to you about ahead. When we are young and don't have many job opportunities in our lives, we should probably say yes to most things coming our way. But as soon as we get to a point where we are starting to get more inbound leads than we have time available, you need to begin operating on a 'hell yeah' or 'no' binary. The idea behind it is that something is either an instant yes or instant no. It will help you save your time feeling guilty about committing to something you should never have said yes to in the beginning.

Make time

As simple as it sounds. Each morning, tell yourself, "this is the one thing that I want to get done by the end of the day". Make it your highlight of the day, as if it were the only thing you needed to get done. Following this method, you will see that you have done that one thing successfully when the day ends on most occasions. Procrastinating a critical task will, more often than not, end up as remorse that could never make it out of your to-do list. Doing one thing daily without fail may not look like much of an accomplishment, but it is enough to make a difference in the longer run.

Make a to-do list

A general principle of productivity says that our brain has ideas, not for holding them. A big part of why we let things slip through the cracks in our memory is because we haven't written them down. Ink your to-do list on a piece of paper and keep ticking them off!

Identify when are you most productive

Waking up early in the morning is not everyone's cup of tea. A person might be efficient during the day, while another might be a night owl. We are as different as our DNAs. Find the hours when you feel at your optimum level and plan your to-do list accordingly. It's vital to advise on not making the cardinal mistake of sleeping for fewer hours. Sleep recharges your body, repairs the damages, clears the toxins in your body, and helps you feel fresher for tomorrow's task.

Parkinson's law

Parkinson's law states that ''work expands to fill the time that we allocate to it". If a blogger decides to write an article and gives himself the whole day to complete it, inevitably, it will take him all day to write it. Whereas, if he only gives himself about 4 hours for writing the article and fills the rest of his day with other stuff, he will get the article written in that small amount of time. So, the advice here is to leverage artificial deadlines and increase productivity.

Protected time

Many of us, especially entrepreneurs, get so busy making friends over the internet or attending meetings over zoom that we end up having no time for ourselves. Keep an hour or two in the morning reserved just for yourself to enjoy some solitary contemplation. You can use this time to generate new ideas for your business or think about the next move to boost the trajectory of your career or business.

Work delegation

Usually, when you say the word delegate, people imagine something that will loosen their wallets. Know how much your time is worth! Suppose you value your time at $30 an hour. So, everything that will fetch you less than $30 is fit for outsourcing. Freelancing websites such as Fiverr or Upwork have so many professional freelancers that you could hire at cheaper rates and thus, save both money and time. Whatever your circumstances are, you should continuously be asking yourself whether you can potentially delegate stuff that's cheaper than your dollar value. This time management technique will enable you to make the right choices and invest your time and skill in doing things you should.

Choose to be satisfied

Being a productivity nerd can send you into a mode where it's easy for us to get to the end of the day and feel chronically dissatisfied with what you've accomplished. We, as a blogger, could have penned a stunning article working hard on it all day but then ended up wondering if it was up to the mark or will the readers find it engaging enough! We end up internally beating ourselves up about it whilst we had given our best throughout the day! The soothing fact is that you can choose to be satisfied at the end of the day.

Concluding lines

We don't know what's keeping you from effectively managing your time. It could be your procrastination, inefficiency, or even your trepidations! But we, at, believe in trying to adhere to the methods mentioned above, and you shall see yourself grow into a more efficient and productive individual. The key is not to self-sabotage yourself over the mistakes of the past. Commit yourself to better habits and grow little by little into a better and more self-satisfied adult.

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