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The Top 5 Industries for Military Veterans Jobs


There is no doubt that retiring from the armed forces career can be a great opportunity for most veterans to start the second chapter of their life.

The skills, expertise, and experience they amass over the years in the uniform can be beneficial for the veterans while hunting for a new job.

If you are a veteran and looking for a few of the best military veteran jobs that you secure, let us help you. Although many wonder what is the most common job for veterans, ex-military professionals can take up any job.

Top 5 Industries Where Veterans Can Work Successful in 2022

We have worked hard and analyzed a range of sources to come up with the top 5 industries where veterans can excel.

Let’s begin:

1. Business

One of the most lucrative and rewarding industries for veterans is business. Veterans can either start a business of their own or take up an entry-level job at a business.

With the skills and experience, they bring to the table, it is only a matter of time before they can make their business successful or grow into more challenging roles in the business.

As veterans possess a range of important business skills such as decision-making, leadership, communication, and management, they are a natural fit for business roles.

The opportunities to constantly grow in the field also make the business a fantastic option for veterans.

2. Technology

Another area where veterans can excel is technology, as military technology is often said to be the most advanced in any country. Most of the time, the military use proprietary and advanced technologies that may not be used in the business world.

Hence, acquiring military talent for technological advancement can be great for businesses actively working in the technology field.

As AI, Machine Learning, and IoT are becoming integrated into casual life, veterans with the right technological backgrounds and expertise can surely build a fulfilling career even after retiring.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare is another field where veterans can excel. Military healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics can have successful careers in the same field after their retirement.

Some hospitals actively recruit healthcare professionals that worked with the army for their unique insights and decision-making skills.

If required, such professionals can also undertake further advanced courses to become industry leaders, as well.

4. Automotive

Most veterans will have profound experience in repairing vehicles during their service in the army. They can use the same skills and expertise to start working as an automotive engineer or technician.

In addition to being a highly in-demand industry, the automotive field can well pretty well as well.

The industry can also a range of opportunities to grow into more challenging and dynamic roles in leading brands with military contracts and associations.

5. Retail

Military experience can be a great addition to the skill set of veterans looking for a job. This works particularly well in the retail industry as it involves communication, people, and interpersonal skills.

These skills are important for veterans when they are active on the duty.

In addition, the retail industry can also great opportunities for veterans to learn, adapt, and grow in the field to assume more responsible roles.

What are the 5 best job search tips for veterans?

When looking for jobs, veterans need to have a strong job search strategy to help them land their jobs perfectly.

If you are struggling with your job search, here are some of the 5 best job search tips for veterans:

  • Network with people

One of the first things to do is to network with the right people. As a veteran, it would be pretty easy for you to strike up conversations with people and build relationships. Networking can help you land the best jobs for ex-military that can pay well.

  • Create a strong resume

While your experience is your resume, it is always helpful to have a strong resume that mentions your skills, expertise, and experience. If you have a few sought-after skills, it is easier to land jobs that you would love.

  • Check online job portals

Numerous job portals in the USA often list jobs that need veterans. Hence, create the habit of checking such websites that publish the best jobs for veterans. If these jobs seem good for you, you can apply and get placed.

  • Use your credentials

If you were a pilot in the army, you can certainly use your expertise and experience to become a commercial pilot. Nothing is stopping you. You can do the same with a lot of other skills as well.

  • Focus on your transferable skills

Military veterans usually have a set of transferable skills that they can use elsewhere in their careers. When searching for a job, emphasize these skills. Most businesses would prefer candidates with such skills.


There are numerous jobs that veterans can secure in the US now. The fact that veterans have a range of critical skills can make them an asset to the business.

Although many businesses have programs in place to hire veterans, actively looking for suitable jobs for veterans can help you land the same faster.

Numerous online job portals constantly list the best jobs for ex-military. You can check websites like ExpediUSA to find these jobs and apply.

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