By Expedi USA, April 12, 2022

The 5 Best Job Search Tips for Veterans

The evolution from the military to civilian life is a significant change. This change is discomforting and not that easy to adjust to. When these changes have to be in Military Veteran Jobs, it may seem impossible, especially at a certain age after serving in a particular field for years. But you may take your time, and pace for it.

You may feel a little uncomfortable because you haven’t worked in the private sector in decades. But believe that you still have so much value to add. It’s a matter of how effective you are while communicating that value to employers and finding the right fit. It can be tough and may look disappointing, but some tips may help veterans.

1. Create a Powerful Civilian Resume

The most common mistake veterans make when looking for private-sector work is to put forward the best. You may not successfully translate your skills and experience into civilian terms. And this adds to the extra baggage you carry of not finding your best fit. Choose and seek professional help in case of need. This is especially important in your resume because it is the first impression employers will have of you. And you can turn the tables if you add skills and plan the designs.

Like that of a veteran, individuals gain valuable skills while serving. You can add all this to add weight to your proposal, and to an extent that an employee may need no one beyond you. Your experiences and the nature of the work performed may be unclear to a civilian employer. As you cannot convey your forte, and how you can fit in a particular role, it gets lengthier to land the best suiting fit. Rather than listing job tasks that may not have an obvious civilian equal, consider the broader skills. Show how those skills assisted you in achieving goals and positive outcomes.

Likely, prospective employers will not understand your explanation of skills/qualifications if you mention them in technical jargon or codes used in your services.

2. Apply where Veterans get valued

Most companies appreciate it when veterans apply for open positions. Because they are a highly sought-after candidate resource because of their strong work ethic, collaboration skills, and discipline. Yet, some organizations discreetly increase veteran hiring to create a veteran-friendly workplace.

Look for businesses that have specific initiatives to get jobs for military. There are many out there, including some well-known companies that offer help with retraining and flexible options.

3. Make Use of Resources

There are many organizations, nonprofits, and support groups available to help veterans, besides individual employers. Like community foundations and nonprofits. This helps to narrow down the overwhelming listing pages. It can keep you from applying for positions for which you are over or underqualified.

4. Contact Your Network

Given the stigma attached to the military, many veterans prefer to conduct their job search on their own. But, more often than not, landing a job is determined by your personal and professional relationships. Your art of communicating, connecting, and networking is how in everyday life people find and create opportunities, in their favor.

Like you can take help from alumni associations or any mutual in the contact list for the same. DO NOT FEEL YOU’RE BEGGING. If you have vet friends who are working, take them out for breakfast and ask them for advice. Even if they cannot connect you with a suitable opportunity, they may have things and advice to add.

You can search on Social media too. This platform is not for connection, but a step ahead now. It can also play a significant role in helping you find work. Think about writing a short, succinct paragraph on LinkedIn and Facebook describing the type of employment you’re looking for, the skills/education/expertise you have, and send a professional email with some smart hashtags. You can build an account if you have none so far. And mind you, it will not look very desperate for you.

5. Have Faith in Yourself

We draw people to confidence, whether they are looking for friends, a relationship, or a job. After all, how can you expect a potential employer to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? Any organization would be fortunate to have you as a member. As a veteran, you have leadership, communication, and life skills that most of your peers do not. You have a sense of mission accomplishment and resilience that many people do not have.


Searching for a job can get cumbersome, but when you have got back to work, no power in the world can stop you from getting back to it.

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