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Positive Impacts of Work from Home

Not even a year ago, work from home was a perk accessible to only a tiny percentage of the workforce. Due to the pandemic, companies had to undergo instantaneous changes and ask their employees to work remotely. However, even after the pandemic, many of these employees may continue to work from home as many organizations have realized that they have the ability and technology to continue this economic mode of working.

There are multiple advantages of working from home for both employers and employees. Let us find out what impact does remote working has on both parties.

Benefits of Remote Working for Employees

Saving of Extra Expenses

When a person comes to work at an office, there are multiple expenses that he may have to incur, including gas, food from the cafeteria, rent (if the person has to commute to a different city to work), and many more. With remote working, an employee can avoid all these extra expenses and save more.

More Flexibility and Independence

There is less switching between tasks in a remote working environment that allows a person to curate their timetable for the day. This allows the employee to work in a more accommodating environment and gives him/her ownership of the tasks assigned. Also, employees can work with flexible schedules and give more time to tasks even after working hours in case of emergencies or sick days.

Exclusion of Commute Time

Traveling from home to work requires employees to leave their homes a couple of hours early to make it on time. A long commute to the workplace adds undesired tiredness. One major benefit of remote working is that employees can save their time and energy by avoiding commuting to the office. They can also save on the cost to commute, be it from their personal conveyance or public transport.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Remote jobs offer flexible schedules that allow workers to timeline their tasks accordingly. The control that employees get over their schedule is invaluable and this enables them to address their personal life needs. Whether it's dropping their kids off at school, attending an online class, running regular errands, or feeling under the weather, they can easily balance their personal life with their work.

Better Productivity

One of the significant advantages of working from home is the absence of a pressurized work environment and other office distractions. People can work in peace with a quieter ambiance and get work done faster. This allows them to manage their time well and keep track of all the priority tasks to stay productive and efficient during working hours.

Inclusivity of Special Needs Employees

Remote working allows employers to hire employees with physical disabilities. They can efficiently work from their homes and provide for themselves without having to commute to the workplace.

Benefits of Remote Working for Employers


Higher Staff Retention

One of the primary benefits of remote working for employers is more employee satisfaction. Employees are happier to be working from home and find themselves to be more productive. They get more independence and flexibility in their work schedules and are closer to their homes, saving more on expenses and working in peace. Needless to say, employees have started to stick to the companies where they get all these benefits of remote working and continue to stay associated for a longer time leading to higher staff retention.

Broad Spectrum of Recruitment

Usually, organizations prefer to hire employees from the same city. However, with remote job roles, the talent pool can increase, and the recruiters have a broader spectrum of candidates to choose from. This allows companies to tap into sections that they would otherwise overlook while hiring.

Reduction in Leaves of Employees

With everybody working from home, employees do not take leaves to travel to their hometowns. There are fewer leaves due to stress and work pressure. Since employees live with their families, they have a comfortable work environment with flexibility, reducing the chances of long leaves. This is highly advantageous for employers.

Better Employee Productivity

According to a study conducted by SAP Concur, 69% of employees admitted that they were more productive while working from home.

Employees get more flexibility and a peaceful work environment to function when they work from home. This allows them to give their best to work, which reflects a rise in their productivity.

Reduced Costs

In traditional workspaces, other than the compensation for employees, there are several other expenses that the companies have to incur, including rent for the land, maintenance costs of elevators, security systems, office furniture, refreshments, electricity, technical assistance, and more. Companies have saved drastically on infrastructure and reduced their costs by a considerable percentage with work-from-home options.

Increased Staff Motivation

With the work-from-home business model, employees do not feel closely monitored all the time. They feel trusted by their employer and get a degree of autonomy to work on their schedule. This contributes to them feeling more motivated to give their best at work.

Save on Social Events

There is no longer the need to throw birthday or holiday parties at the workplace. Instead, a remote virtual party will do. This allows the management to reallocate their party budget to other mainstream functions in the organization.

Remote jobs have revolutionized the work culture globally. If you are looking for a remote job, here is how you can jumpstart your search.

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