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Online Interview Tips You Must Know!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, recruiters are conducting most job interviews online. It has become the new normal. While these interviews differ little from walk-in interviews, there are fundamental differences between the two types of interviews. Therefore, knowing a set of tips and tricks for your upcoming online interview could be surprisingly decisive! If you wonder about the potential differences and ways to tackle them, you have landed on the right blog, folks!

After reading this piece, you shall be ready with online interview tips that will help you ace the following online job interview. So, let's begin!

How is it different?

Unlike the traditional in-person interview, online or virtual discussions involve interaction between the employers and employees over a digital interface such as audio calls, live assessments, and audio-video calls. It is often in the form of video conferencing. In a study, staffing firm Yoh says that 62 percent of Americans prefer in-person job interviews. However, people are getting used to the new trend, and companies are also getting addicted to a more efficient and economical way of recruitment.

Perform a test-run on your system

Before the interview commences, candidates must ensure that their devices are compatible with the platform's requirements in terms of hardware and software. Please get familiar with the platform, be it Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom. Take stock of minor things such as audio and video settings, as you don't want to be caught scrabbling around to get your sound or picture right. Deal with these in advance, as you do not want to shatter your crucial first impression before your prospective employer.

Practise, avoid memorization

Get acquainted with the specific requirements of the professional job role in contention. Prepare a suitable introduction template and practice speaking on it again and again. Practising will help you become more natural and confident when the actual interview sets in.

No compromise with looks!

Dress formally as if you were going for a routine walk-in-interview. Although you might think that it is unnecessary to groom and dress professionally within the informal confines of your home, I would strongly recommend you otherwise. Presenting yourself in professional attire is always preferable and more acceptable than a shabby, careless, uncomely demeanor. Also, choosing a dress that you like yourself in has been proven to make you feel more confident. Thus, it should be a positive factor.

Clear the clutter

Choose a spot where you find pleasing aesthetics. A plain or straightforward background keeps you the center of attention rather than the T-shirt or towel hanging behind you. Inform your homies and keep away your pets so that you don't have to face an unpleasant distraction mid-interview. Ensure that your room is safe from external noises such as vehicles and vocal neighbors. If you fear your home might not be ideal for the virtual interview, you should consider moving to a different location as it is better than jeopardizing your prospects.

Lights, Camera, Focus!

A poorly lit environment can deteriorate the efficacy of the interaction. Ideally, it would help if you sat in a naturally lit room. If it is not available, choose a room with adequate lighting. Also, the light should be right behind you as that may make you entirely invisible or create a halo around you. You may also opt for attaching a soft light led just behind the camera, and that will make your facial features visible to the interviewee.

Soothe your nerves

An online interview, like an in-person one, can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first one. The key is a good number of rehearsals and getting into the grooves even before the actual interview has started. For this, you log in to the system 10-15mins before your interview starts and continuously self-monitor yourself as if you are being constantly watched. It will help you calm yourself and perform according to your potential.

Be extra-attentive

As a virtual form of interaction, online interviews come with their own set of challenges. The people involved here would be interacting with you through artificial means. Sometimes, the message may not reach you as clearly as you would expect in a natural environment due to technical glitches, and the audio might be a bit bland. Being attentive throughout should help you compensate for all such shortcomings. Don't expect to leave a good impression if the recruiters repeatedly reiterate things.

Keep a valid ID card nearby

Not many would talk about it, but I am talking about it as it is my personal experience. The person on the other side may casually want to confirm if you are the genuine candidate. Always keep a valid ID card such as your college ID card or any Government ID card within reach. You don't want to run around your house while your interviewers are waiting frustratedly, judging you for your sloppiness.

Be ready with your queries

The interview shouldn't be all about the job, but it should be about you too. Towards the end of the session, your interviewers may ask if you have any questions for them. Ask relevant questions that will present you as an active candidate, such as:

  • Who would be a suitable candidate for this position?
  • How right did you find me for the post?
  • What are the growth opportunities for me in this company?
  • How has the company adapted itself to the pandemic?

Why Choose ExpediUSA?

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We have come to the end of this article, and you have a sufficient number of must-know tips for your online interview. Knowing these should allow you to be at the top of your game and give you an edge over your competitors. As long as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, more and more companies are expected to opt for virtual modes of an interview, so why not embrace the new normal for our good?

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