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Not Heard Back After a Job Application? Here is How to Follow Up

When you have put a lot of time, thought, and energy into applying for a job, you are probably anxious to hear back from the hiring manager. But days have gone by, and so far, it has been absolute silence. What is going on here?

While at times, hiring managers may give you a call the very next day. Sometimes, they may even take a few weeks to revert. If you find that it has been a while since the hirer has touched base since sending in your job application, then it is time to follow up with them.

However, it is essential to contact the recruiter without sounding desperate, impatient, and annoying. Here are some incredible tips on how to follow up with the hiring managers effectively and smartly.

Following Up with the Recruiter

Here is how to follow up with the recruiter gracefully during every painful part of the job search process:

Follow Up Without Sounding Overly Interested

A significant factor that employers are looking for in a potential candidate is a person who is excited about the job position. Undeniably you are interested in bagging the job but also do not want to reflect being overly desperate. You mustn't become too persuasive or pushy and have patience before sending in a confirmation mail. Following up is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate the same. Here is a sample of how you can address the recruiter with a follow-up email:


I hope you had a good day! This is [your name], and I recently applied for the position of [job title]. It has been over a week, and I have not heard back from you yet. So, I was just wondering if there is anything else left to be sent across. I would love to share additional information if it helps process my job application further.

Instead of directly asking the recruiter about the job application, you can be diplomatic and twist your words and tone. Asking about sharing additional information can be an excuse to start the conversation. However, it is important to wait for some time before sending the e-mail. Do not take a follow-up in a couple of days.

Send a Thank You Mail

If you are done with the interview process, following up with a thank-you email is highly recommendable. For the follow-up, here is how you can go ahead with the mail:


I recently applied for the position of [job title] at your organization. I am grateful to be considered as one of the potential candidates for your esteemed firm. It is a huge opportunity to be associated with such an organization. Also, this is the exact role I have been looking for because it fits me well. I would love to discuss how I shall contribute to the company's goals in the future.

With a thank you email, you can leave an appreciation note for the hiring manager. This small gesture can prove to process your application faster and be beneficial in the long run as well. Your recruiter may get impressed with your profile due to your corporate etiquette, hospitality, and sense of humility.

Track if Anything is Pending to be Shared or Discussed from Your End

You may miss disclosing certain facts or vital information in the resume and the cover letter. Those little details can be helpful in the long run. You can share these details with the follow-up mail at the earliest. Figure out all the details that you have to share and create a list. Attach this list in the follow-up email for your recruiter to read and revert.

Following up with your hiring manager does not have to be necessarily about acknowledgment or confirmation. Instead, it can be about sending crucial information that you would like the recruiter to know. You can share your achievements or other external weblinks of your portfolio that are not included in your resume and mention them in the mail to ensure that the recruiter notices them.

Add the Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

Having an active and updated profile on LinkedIn is very important. Once you have applied for the job, consider adding the hiring manager on LinkedIn. As a result, this may help you stay in touch with them. Follow the company's profile as well.

Whenever you are called for an interview by the company in the future, you will be aware of their latest updates. Moreover, it is a good practice to add recruiters on social media platforms like LinkedIn. This way, you can get more information about the structure and agenda of the organization.

When is the Best Time to Follow up?

Prior to following up, it is essential to consider the time frame that the recruiter had stated after the interview. If the time frame has passed, it is best to restrain from following up for at least a week. It can be stressful not to get a call back after sending in your job application, but a little patience is crucial. After a week, follow up with the hiring manager to know the status of your application.

Final Thoughts

Landing the job of your dreams is one of the happiest feelings one can ever experience. But before you land a job you have always dreamt of, the most important thing is to crack the interview and follow up so that the recruiter reverts at the earliest.

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