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Looking to build a fulfilling career? The opportunities in the agriculture field with diverse jobs will surprise you

Many people are unaware of the opportunities agriculture offers, despite it being worth billions. This industry always needs workers, pays competitive wages, and ensures job security. There are qualified, job-ready candidates in the agriculture field, but there need to be many more. Agriculture is a hot topic for emerging job seekers.

Career opportunities in agriculture are growing and are a great way to make a living. Here is a brief introduction to all you need to know to make a career you would love.

What are some reasons to work in agriculture?

Choosing a career in agriculture provides many benefits. Some of these include obtaining a unique culture, high salaries, and the ability to find a niche where an individual fits best depending on their skills, needs, and goals.

Choosing a career in this industry may be an excellent choice for everyone wanting to build a rewarding career.

You can make a difference in the world

There is a need for more agricultural jobs to feed the world’s population, which is increasing. Agriculture jobs will be in high demand for years to come. There is a major threat to our planet's safety from climate change. However, if you take a career in agriculture, you can be part of the solution and contribute greatly by solving this problem in the future.

Shortage of workforce

The number of jobs in the agriculture field is constantly growing, and only about 35,000 students graduate with degrees each year. Due to the global demand for graduates with a degree in agribusiness, agricultural science, or food science, the salaries for these graduates have been increasing. Salaries have been rising due to the labor shortage; therefore, most graduates have many opportunities to choose from where to begin their careers in the field.

Agriculture is around the world

In the United States, every state grows a crop of some sort but not all farming jobs exist in rural areas. Opportunities are available in urban areas such as manufacturing, supplying, and other agriculture positions. You can have a career regardless of what country you live in! Agriculture careers are available everywhere, and demand for these jobs is also high.

Agriculture is growing constantly

As the agriculture industry grows, more and more people are needed. Graduates and potential workers have lots to choose from as many companies look for qualified candidates to execute advanced and entry-level agriculture jobs.

Agriculture is changing

As of 2018, the average age of the workforce in the agriculture occupation is only 40 years old, much younger than it was eight years ago. This influx of young workers is perfect for an industry needing fresh ideas and new insights. Universities are taking note and working to create programs to educate their younger students about careers in the industry. Agriculture is an essential industry that provides food and other necessities.

It offers a great salary

Current agriculture employers are struggling to find high-quality candidates, but they must be competitive enough to stay employed. The result is a higher salary than in other industries. This will help you earn an exceptional salary in the field than in any other field in a short period.

Good work environment and culture

Working in agriculture recruiting, I get to work alongside really great people. They are down-to-earth and easy-going. Most farms have a positive work environment and culture. You will feel confident working at an agricultural company because you’ll be surrounded by other people that share your enthusiasm for feeding the world and making a contribution that is larger than themselves.

What are some of the best jobs in the agriculture industry?

Unlike what most people believe, agriculture has a lot of job opportunities. Here is a list of some of the most lucrative and respected jobs that you can take up in the agriculture field:

Sales and service professionals

Jobs in the agricultural industry can involve selling food and crop production products. There is a high demand for agricultural sales representatives, as demand for agricultural products has increased.

Forest products processing

As a forest products processing manager, you must be qualified in technical areas such as forestry. To get the job, you need at least a Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree to get the job.

Farm labour specialists

Farmers and contractors rely on Farm Labor Specialists to help connect them with seasonal employees. These specialists communicate with farmers, collect data, and use machine learning to find the most suitable workers for the job.

Marketing specialist

The agriculture industry is filled with great marketing opportunities for skilled professionals. There are many different specialties in the agriculture industry that need proficient marketers to handle all of the work!

Food scientists

The job of a food scientist is to research, experiment, and create new combinations of food products. This can involve experiments on food processing techniques, sourcing, and ingredients.


A veterinarian's job involves performing medical tests in a laboratory environment to treat and diagnose cattle. This also includes preparing vaccines to prevent disease and assisting a veterinarian during surgery or fertilization.

Biological engineer

Biological and agricultural engineers use technology to create cleaner, more sustainable environments. They work with animals and plants to help prevent the destruction of our planet.

Insect biologist

An agricultural entomologist studies insects, their environments, and their behavior to help farmers protect their crops. They don't want to eliminate beneficial insects like bees.

Plant scientist

Plant scientists advise food producers and crop developers on how best to use practices and methods to improve their productions - this requires a degree in plant science, agricultural science, or related studies.


The number of jobs in the agriculture field is impressive. If you are looking for an agriculture-related job, there are plenty to go around. ExpediUSA lists numerous jobs in the agriculture field. You can check them and apply if they fit your requirements.

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