By Expedi USA, January 28, 2022

Job Hunting Tips for New Grads and Seasoned Professionals

Although the last year and a half has been highly unpredictable in terms of employment opportunities, there are strong indications that 2022 might be a pretty good time to enter the workforce. Many professionals are quitting their jobs, and this resignation cum mass exodus should continue well into 2022.

This scenario will create many opportunities for new grads and switchers alike. In October alone, the U.S. labour market added 531,000 new roles in professional and business services, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation and warehousing. This article will talk about some job hunting tips and tricks that will increase your chances of finding your dream job.

A riveting resumé

It is something that companies see even before they can see you in person. Résumés and CVs are a reflection of you as a person. They speak a lot on your behalf. Carefully conditioned résumés to meet the company's requirements leave a positive impression on recruiters. Keep your resume as crisp, straightforward, and concise as possible. You may Don't forget to check for embarrassing mistakes every time you update it. Also, be ready with a few customized resumes and cover letters if any unexpected opportunity comes up, and you require to apply real quick.

So what if it's an online interview...?

Due to restrictions imposed by Covid-19, online interviews have become the new norm. Candidates are developing an unadvisable tendency of appearing for online discussions in casuals and minimal grooming. In the event of such encounters, the recruiters sitting on the other side of the screen may perceive you as a careless, unpunctual and lazy person. In the worst of cases, they may even find it insulting. It is firmly advisable to get yourself ready for the interview as you do for an offline one to come across as a punctual and sincere candidate.

Make use of social media

Maintain a positive presence on social media. Billions of people, job seekers and recruiters included, spend hours on social media platforms. Build an attractive profile and market your skills. Also, look out for posts that people may find 'politically charged' and may not go down well with people from opposite sides of the spectrum. Remove contentious posts, however old and redundant they may be. Often, companies browse through your social media accounts as a part of your background check. You don't want to come across as a person with extremist ideas or ideological issues. Losing a job opportunity just for a Facebook post is extremely unfortunate and happens more often than you would like to believe.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular and most extensive network of professionals. It has over 800 million professionals and 55 million registered companies from over 200 countries. Thus, it is the best tool to seek jobs, connect with experienced professionals from your domain, market your skills and knowledge, and build your reputation in the job market.

Apply with intent

You will come across hundreds and hundreds of people's jobs on best job portals. See to it that you are not applying for every job under the sun out of desperation. Be selective and be intentional. It will save your time and increase the chances of you getting hired for specific roles.

Keep your queries ready

Be prepared with a few questions for your interviewers so that you may be in a position to decide if the company or the job role matches your expectations. Ask about the work environment, what the company expects from you, and your prospects in the company. There is no point in working as a machine without any growth in skills and expertise. Do good research about the company and the job role you seek. Appearing for an interview without any prior clue can put you on the passenger's seat, rendering you inactive and seemingly uninterested throughout the interaction.

Cold applications

You might doubt the effectiveness and relevance of sending unsolicited applications to companies. But actually, it is an effective way of landing some great opportunities. A career coach and employment counselor, Matt Young Quist, says that almost 80% of the job openings don't appear in mainstream job portals. Often, you might be applying for roles that are no longer available. Nevertheless, persistence and positivity are the keys to increasing your chances of getting back a positive response. Companies also appreciate your effort, showing your enthusiasm and interest in the company.

Need to negotiate

As a job seeker, you must learn the art of negotiating your salary. Know your worth and set realistic expectations. It goes for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. You don't want to be pitching yourself for something where you can't deliver.

Less ego and more perseverance

It's significant for you if you are starting your career. Freshly out of college, you might be aspiring to work at a Facebook or a Tesla. Consider your career as a journey, your dream company as your destination, and the role that comes along the way as your stepping stones towards that magnificent dream.

Why ExpediUSA?

You may be a student, or a fresh graduate preparing for your very first job, a seasoned professional looking to accelerate your career, ExpediUSA has all the resources you may need to get better than the rest. Its informative blogs make the process a million times easier. ExpediUSA dives deep into subjects of jobs, job-related interviews, different industries, skill-building, personality development, and career opportunities. Reading and understanding them shall give you valuable insights into the requirements and help you highlight the skills that employers are looking for and how you can bag that job you desire.

Summing up

The current job market is a competitive one. Nevertheless, the coming year holds exciting prospects for freshers and those looking to switch as companies are already hiking salaries and incentives to retain employees. Researching and analyzing the job role you are applying for is the key to performing better when called for interviews. Build a strong network, work on your skills. Always be on the lookout and apply as early as possible to increase the chances of being considered for the role.

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