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Important Skills Required for Clerical Jobs

What exactly is a clerical position?

A clerical job entails managing a company’s administrative and front-office functions. A clerk is to keep the office tidy and running functions smoothly. Daily, clerks handle multiple responsibilities rather than managing a single task. Some clerical jobs, for example, involve answering phones, organizing files, scheduling appointments. The basic duty is to maintain and operate office equipment like printers, fax machines, etc.

Other jobs may cause data entry, bookkeeping, and attendance tracking.

Clerk’s actual duties will vary depending on their role and the industry. A hospital clerk, for example, keeps track of patient records. A banking clerk handles bookkeeping and other financial duties.

Clerical work entails day-to-day office tasks in a variety of industries. These can be part-time clerical jobs, entry-level clerical jobs, or at any senior level. No sector is any different, be it business, finance, or government. Clerical work ensures the running of the office by answering phones, scheduling appointments, and filing documents.

Although administrative assistants and personal assistants are frequently confused, there are significant differences. To begin, as clerks, it only needs a high school diploma and no more education. And, they rarely take on managerial responsibilities like administrative assistants.

Many basic skills appear to be necessary for a clerical job. Certain skills, however, are more paramount than others. Like skills that employers seek, which can make their work simple and will make you stand out.

The major skills required are:



The organization is a valuable asset in clerical work, from documenting to filing, planning, and sorting. Keeping track of paperwork and scheduling will help to keep the office running. A keen eye for details will make work easier, especially:

  • Reviewing documents
  • Responding to emails
  • Tracking appointments
  • Ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Delegating, making travel arrangements, prioritizing, keeping records, and multitasking are some organizational skills.

Some tasks are more important or have a shorter time frame than others. Knowing which to focus on and when to do so is critical to success in a clerical job. When you have that kill, it is an asset.


In clerical work, effective written and oral communication holds esteem. Because you will have to communicate with colleagues, superiors, and customers is essential. Working with distinct personalities is just as important as speaking and writing clearly.

Some obvious communication skills include:

  • Ability to write correspondence
  • Listen to others
  • Working in teams.
  • Answering phones and attending or making calls
  • Providing customer services daily.

Because a clerical job entails managing operations.


Most clerical jobs take place in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Flexibility, calmness, and perseverance are essential.

In dynamic times, everything is a threat and an opportunity. Resolving issues with customers, colleagues, and even technology is a critical and daily task. Hence, doing it calmly and efficiently carries more weight. Active listening, creative/critical thinking, emotional skills, interpersonal skills, and resilience are all required.

Knowledge of Technology

Clerks must be well-informed and proficient in using modern technology. Strong technical skills impact a clerk’s organization and communication abilities. In today’s age, it creates an edge over essential skill sets. Most clerical jobs require:

  • Quick and accurate typing
  • Data entry
  • Know-how of variety of software
  • Desktop publishing
  • Digital calendars
  • Email writing
  • Social Media Knowledge
  • Designing and editing web pages

An open mind to learning new technology becomes a necessity as we advance in time.

Logical Reasoning

A clerk also requires abstract thought and reasoning skills. As these are routine clerical tasks, we need.

Basic arithmetic for bank transactions, budgeting, data analysis, accounting, billing, bookkeeping. Also for data analysis, trends, ads, and any hiring information based on statistics.

Reasoning skills to decide and solve problems objectively and subjectively. It will impact a clerk’s communication and customer service abilities.

Consideration for others/ Empathy

Certain difficulties may arise that cause critical thinking or problem-solving abilities. Maintaining a cool head and being adaptable to issues as they arise are important skills. You need to work for welfare, non-profits, or any state department, to benefit people. Particularly in the workplace, where unexpected events can occur.

Employees with critical thinking skills can analyze a situation beautifully. Hence, make a quick and valuable decision to solve the problem. Having these skills allows you to keep the office running without sacrificing productivity.

Time-management abilities

The ability to focus on specific tasks and projects is a valuable skill that many employers seek. People who are good at managing time will learn how to plan their time. They can thus meet deadlines while also delivering high-quality work.

Detail-oriented abilities

Employees should be able to detect errors in a project before its distribution. Supervisors value attention to detail and may look for it on a resume. Maintaining a detail-oriented mindset throughout ensures submitting high-quality work to supervisors or clients. And it becomes a time thing.

You may also have to proofread supervisors’ work to ensure there aren’t any grammatical errors or accuracy issues.

Why choose administration clerical jobs?

First, these are the community worker jobs that directly help in the welfare. It feels good to work, even if you start in a remote clerical job or clerical work from home jobs.

You start by asking yourself, can you perform clerical tasks?

Seek professional help. Find these entry-level clerical jobs or higher senior administrative positions. And start your amazing careers.

One pro tip for how to emphasize clerical skills on your resume.

Be specific by explaining which skills you have experience with and what projects you completed using these skills.

ExpediUSA is always looking for people who are eager to begin a new and rewarding career in clerical work.

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