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How to Grab Your Potential Employer's Attention? Make Sure You Stand Out!

You may be a great candidate for the role - but you are not the only one! When you apply for a job, you don't just want to get noticed; you want to stand out as the best potential candidate. If you are the ideal person for the job, let your employer know that too! But, how do you exactly do that? Sure, you may tick all the right boxes in terms of experience, skills, and qualifications, have a winning personality, and a compelling track record to talk about. But chances are, so will many other candidates. What can you do to rise above the crowd? How can you show that you are ready to go that extra mile for the job that you want and deserve more than the other candidates? We have pulled together our all-time surefire ways to stand out during your job search.

Best Tips to Put Yourself Ahead of the Pack


Write a Targeted Cover Letter

Address the targeted cover letter with your key qualifications and highlight why you are the right fit for the position to the employer. Always mention the available position for which you are applying. Keep a check on grammar, spacing of words on the page, and ensure an attractive overall appearance. Important: Online applications must be formatted appropriately and well-targeted. Remember that some online application systems do not ask for a cover letter. If the potential employer has not mentioned it, it is optional.

Target Your Resume to the Job

Do not start your resume with 'looking for a challenging opportunity to utilize my skills to build a progressive career with growth opportunities! If this is how you describe the job position you are looking for in a resume, it is time you change that BIG TIME. Sell your skills based on the position you are applying for. A similar tagline for a training position and a marketing position won't sell in either field.

Lead With Your Strengths

What makes you different from other candidates? Your Skills and Your Experience. Start with your background and career path relevant to the position you are applying for. Placement of information on your resume is also highly crucial. Start with your most significant achievements and highest qualifications. Make an accomplishment summary, and then list your previous companies, responsibilities, and job titles.

Tip: The key is to make it easy for the recruiter to see that you are the right fit for the position.

Dress and Behave Appropriately

No one needs to tell you that you have to arrive early, dress up for the job you are applying for, and bring an additional resume, just in case! Treat every person you meet with respect. Starting from the receptionist where you make your first impression to the HR director, make it up to everyone. Be unfailingly humble and polite in every interaction you have with the company because every person assesses your fit for the organization. Boorish behavior can blow your chances at the job.

Don't be Lazy in Your Application

Bring along all the documents and your resume in case it needs to be entered into an employment database and used for the organization's records. A filled-out application attests to the fact that all the information you have shared so far is accurate. Also, it allows the company to check your references, criminal background, and employment history. A resume is great, but a job application enables the employer to compare apples with apples.

Follow Up with a Thank You Letter

Flaunt your corporate etiquette with a thank you note to the recruiter. Your manners do count, and not everyone sends an appreciation message to the hiring authority. In either case, you will leave your name in his/ her good books.

Do Your Research Well

It is always advisable to have a great answer prepared for the question 'What do you know about us?'. Reading out of the 'About Us' page of the organization is boring. Get a good idea about the keywords that characterize the organization's mission, its approach, and play with those in an interview.

Takeaway: Show your employer that you are already going that extra mile to be equipped for the role.

Highlight Your Other Skills

Other than your mainstream qualifications and skills include other competencies that may or may not be related to the current job position. A candidate applying for a sales profile may also have a background in logistics that can help the organization to streamline its delivery process. Highlighting this unique perspective could help him/her land the job, in the same position or a different one.

Demonstrate a Growth Mindset

One thing that helps you stay ahead of other candidates is 'learning agility- willing to change with time, adapt other skills, and expand into new business areas. Demonstrating the ability to learn and adapt new information or take on challenges is a stepping stone in making it through. Companies invest a lot of money to find the right candidates, and they wish to retain them for the future. Prepare and use past inspirational stories during interviews that let the employer know you have the readiness to stretch yourself and be an asset for the company.

Get Noticed (Even Before Applying)

The best way to gain the limelight in a pool of candidates is by getting a referral or recommendation. So, if you can get hold of a contact who can give your referral to the hiring manager - this move is guaranteed to offer the best payoff and help you to get Manager Post.

The Bottom Line

Doing these things will undoubtedly result in better chances of getting selected and a more successful career. Take extra time at every step of your job search process to rise above the pack.

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