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How to build the perfect resume; one that outshines you from the crowd

"The challenge of life, I have found, is to build a resume that doesn't simply tell a story about what you want to be, but it's a story about who you want to be." - Oprah Winfrey Your resume is the key piece of your job application. It is your front-line fighter, so to speak, the first opportunity to present yourself in front of a potential employer. According to a study of 2008, using eye-tracking software, it was found that recruiters take only 7.4 seconds to make up their mind about a candidate. It is not easy to succinctly include all your qualifications and skills in your resume, but you can spruce it up to land the job of your dream.

Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

Keep it Short and Direct

The first rule of writing a resume is to keep it short and to the point. Keep it not more than one page unless you have many highly applicable work experiences or an extensive career. Make sure that your resume targets the specific job you are applying for. Sending the same resume off to all the jobs you apply for can be a detriment.

One easy way to trim your resume is to include only relevant and recent experience. Include skills in association with the job you want to score or plan to do in the future.

Create an Original Resume Template

Microsoft Office Template Resumes are mostly passed over. Take them as a guide to get started, but don't follow them rigidly. While structuring your resume, draw attention to your growth areas. Suppose you advanced or got promoted in a company quickly- highlight this part. If you job-hopped excessively, bullet the jobs, and explain the job positions to play your assets.

Following a logical order is very important. A recruiter may not even read your whole resume- and if they don't- make sure that your strongest points still come across first. Add former positions or experiences that highlight the skills relevant to the job you are applying for. Value brevity and don't include every position you have ever held.

For instance, while applying for a marketing position, including retail experience, and bullet skills like interpersonal communication, branding, and digital marketing.

Craft a Career Snapshot

Do away with the old-school 'objective statement' and include a summary explaining your skills and qualifications at the top of your resume. Down the line, highlight your experience and accomplishments to capture the eye of the hiring manager.

Optimize Your Text

Use appropriate keywords in your resume to get past the screener. You can opt for keywords that were included in the job posting. Identify the most frequently used terms with a word cloud generator and include them in your resume. You can also create a section of 'areas of expertise' or 'core competencies' to display your assets right off the bat.

Think Beyond Your Job Duties

Hiring managers are not interested in your job duties. They wish to see actual examples of the accomplishments you have made in your previous job positions. Show them how you can make a difference in the organization by listing your special merits rather than just your experience. Add accomplishments that are concrete and quantifiable instead of abstract traits and qualifications. Find examples from your previous jobs to incorporate your soft skills such as reliability and work ethic.

Use the Right Language to Stand Out

Instead of lackluster descriptions, use strong action words like 'improved', 'designed', 'achieved', and 'established'. This will make you sound confident. Do not try to persuade the recruiter with buzz words such as go-getter, result-driven, professional, go-getter, go-to-person, team player, and detail-oriented. These often come off as fluff and only take up space on your resume.

Always List Your Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, hiring managers are interested in your social networks. Save them a step by including your social media profile links in your resume. However, avoid listing the account where you have shared personal posts. Usually, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are better to show your professional social presence. This indicates that you have a strong network and are up to date with modern-day communication practices and marketing. The recruiter may like to see what you keep up with.

If leveraged correctly, your social media profiles can be a powerful tool to supplement your experience and position as an expert in the industry.

Check for Errors

Check your work multiple times, and then have someone else check it too. Make sure it is one hundred percent clean. There is no scope for sloppiness when it comes to resumes. A hiring manager will dismiss your application immediately if they find a grammatical error or a typo. Make it easy to read with a simple font, alignment, and spacing. Errors can be viewed as a sign of lacking technical skills and attention to detail.

Make sure that you address the resume correctly and outline the relevant experience. Receiving a resume that is wrongly crafted and addressed is a huge turnoff and sets a negative tone.

Follow Instructions, If Any

Another reason to avoid using cookie-cutter job applications to write generic resumes is that some companies have definite instructions on what they want to see in your resume. Failing to do so is an automatic NO from employers. Be careful about what the employer seeks in an application and match up to it because attention to detail makes up a considerable part of your resume.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is looking for the next best opportunity. Creating an eye-catching and powerful resume can enhance your chance of getting that opportunity. Put your best foot paper forward and impress the hiring manager in the first go!

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