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Careers in Agriculture – What are Some Emerging Jobs in the Field to strive for?

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Between increasing demands for sustainably produced food and the need to preserve our planet, agriculture is becoming a booming industry in the US. While many people are interested in pursuing a career in academia, which is constantly changing due to discoveries and self-perfecting revolutions, plenty of more practical industries offer stable salaries, interesting careers, accessible science discoveries, and benefits for a variety of people. For those who may be wondering what the future of their career might hold,consider this article a broad

overview of various jobs in the agriculture industry and related fields

Agriculture Engineering

There are many upcoming jobs in the agriculture field, and some are already in high demand. Agriculture engineering is one of those careers that offer a wide range of opportunities and rewards. An agricultural engineer may use their skills and knowledge to develop new agricultural technology, increase yields on farms, and improve the quality of crops.

  • It is important to have a strong background in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and engineering to become an agricultural engineer. Additionally, students must take courses in soil mechanics, crop production, water resources management, environmental engineering, and animal sciences.

Fisheries Science

With a population of nearly 7 billion people, the food supply is always in demand. That's why fisheries scientists play an important role in ensuring we have enough food to go around. Here are some of the most common careers in fisheries science.

  • Fisheries biologists: They conduct research on all aspects of fish and seafood biology, including population dynamics, fishery management, and environmental impact.
  • Marine Biologists: They specialize in the study of marine life, from microscopic plankton to giant whales. They investigate everything from ocean currents and seafloor habitats to the effects of pollution on marine creatures.
  • Food Technologists: They work with farmers and food processors to develop new ways to produce healthier, more sustainable, or less expensive foods. They may develop ways to reduce waste or improve food safety techniques.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture uses technology and skilled human resources to increase crop productivity. It includes growing crops using GPS technology, using aerial sensors and mapping to detect weeds and pests, or using lasers to precisely time irrigation. Precision agriculture can potentially reduce the use of pesticides, save fuel and water, and improve soil health.

  • Emerging careers in precision agriculture include agronomist, engineer, data analyst, agribusiness executive, agricultural scientist, land surveyor, and crop consultant.


As the world becomes increasingly aware of the devastating effect climate change has on our planet, more and more people realize the importance of investing in renewable energy sources. Fortunately, agriculture has a ton of potential to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here are a few careers in Agronomy:

  • Agricultural engineer – Agricultural engineers design and implement systems to improve crop production or maintain agricultural landscapes. They may work with scientists to develop new farming techniques or analyze data collected from field experiments.
  • Agricultural scientist – Agricultural scientists research crops, soil, and other agricultural topics. They may work with chemical companies to develop new pesticides or develop strategies to boost farmland yields.
  • Web developer/agricultural specialist – Web developers work with farmers and crop producers worldwide to create websites that help them sell their products online, track inventory, and manage finances. They also may specialize in creating applications specifically for agricultural purposes, such as crop insurance calculators or field mapping software.

Dairy Technology

There are many opportunities in the dairy industry, but some emerging careers in dairy technology include:

  • Farm management consultant: A farm manager could use a consultant to help with various tasks on the farm, from budgeting to equipment maintenance.
  • Dairy cattle biologist: Many farmers are interested in raising better beef cattle, and dairy cattle biologists study this process to help improve their herds. They might also work with other researchers to develop new breeding programs or products.
  • Renewable energy technician: Dairy operations use a lot of electricity, so renewable energy technicians might work on farms that generate their own power. They might install solar panels or wind turbines, for example.


Horticulture is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the agriculture field. Demand for Horticulturists is increasing as our population grows, and arguably there is no better place to be than in the middle of all the action! Here are a few emerging horticulture careers you may want to explore:

  • Gardener: A gardener oversees and maintains a garden, working with plants to provide beauty, food, and medicine. There are many levels of gardening, from small-scale residential gardens to large-scale public gardens.
  • Farm Manager: A farm manager oversees daily operations, from planting to harvesting. They may also have responsibility for marketing the farm's products.
  • Extension Agent: An extension agent works with farmers to help them improve their crops and practices. They may also offer training on new farming technologies or provide technical assistance on specific agricultural problems.
  • Forestry Technician: A forestry technician works with trees, plants, and other vegetation on farms or forests. They may help farmers produce more crops by directing tree cuttings or by thinning trees, and professionals can also take up diverse remote forestry jobs now.


Poultry production is one of the fastest-growing segments of the agriculture industry, and it’s an exciting option if you want to work with animals.

  • You can work in farms or poultry processing plants, and many jobs involve handling and caring for birds.
  • There are also opportunities for positions in technical support, marketing, and research.
  • Other jobs in this field include caring for birds, sorting and grading products, processing products, and shipping products.


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Many opportunities are emerging right now if you are interested in a career in agriculture. Precision farming, AgTech, and aquaculture are some of the most promising areas. With the right passion and dedication to pursuing a career in this field, you can explore diverse agriculture jobs and find the perfect fit for you. We hope this post has given you some insight into the opportunities in the agriculture field.

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