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7 Best Construction Industry Jobs You Can Get

Construction is one of the most challenging industries to get into. Construction jobs are hard to come by, and even once you land one, it can be difficult to stay on track and achieve success.

Fortunately, the construction industry is amid an exciting transformation that will soon make it much easier for anyone to succeed. Construction is booming, and this trend isn’t going anywhere soon. According to IBIS World, there are 10.3 million people employed in the industry in the United States.

The number is also expected to grow in the next few years, with many beginner construction jobs added to the mix.

Construction may not be for everyone, but with so many job opportunities available right now, it’s probably a risk you’re willing to take.

Best Construction Jobs You Can Look for in 2022

1. Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee the work of construction companies, so they are essential in ensuring that the construction companies meet their employment needs and schedule.

They must be well-versed in various areas, including financial management, project management, and human resources. To make a career in construction management, you must have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a few years of experience supervising construction projects, employees, and sites.

There are many construction companies that publish their job listings on some of the best job portals in the USA regularly. You will find a suitable job on one of these sites for sure.

2. Field Supervisor

As a Field Supervisor, you will ensure that things run smoothly, which means you will manage people, projects, budgets, and risks.

A job as a field supervisor could be a great opportunity if you have experience in one or more of these areas. Further, you will be responsible for the safety and well-being of all the employees on your team and ensuring that the projects you manage are completed on time and within budget.

In addition, you need to make sure that projects run safely and that employees adhere to all safety regulations and procedures.

Field Supervisor is one of the best construction field jobs if you want to make a lot of money from the construction industry.

3. Structural Engineer

Structural Engineers help design and plan the construction of buildings, bridges, ships, and other structures, and they are in high demand due to the growth of the construction industry. They work to ensure the strength and integrity of buildings so that they don’t collapse during a storm or an earthquake.

You must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and you will also need to have a few years of relevant work experience.

mployers usually expect engineers to have at least some experience in project management, which is another important skill.

You can earn a high salary as a structural engineer, and the work is exciting and challenging. The job is very rewarding and can be very lucrative if you specialize in the structural engineering field.

4. Facilities Manager

A very demanding and specialized career path, facilities managers oversee all aspects of building construction, including planning, design, and construction. Depending on the project size you’re working on, a facilities manager may be in charge of many different areas of the job.

On smaller projects, you may be in charge of site management, which includes making sure that construction workers do not infringe on sensitive areas such as the beach or wetlands.

On larger projects, you might be responsible for more areas, such as project management, procurement of materials and equipment, and ensuring that all safety regulations are followed.

Facilities managers usually have a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in a related field. You can find many such jobs in all the best job portals in the USA.

5. Marketing and Sales Representative

Most construction companies have a marketing team and a sales team. The job of a marketing team member or a sales representative is to promote the company and sell its services to clients.

Depending on the size of the company, these functions may be combined into one role. Marketing and sales representatives work in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common: They communicate with clients about the company and its services.

Some marketing and sales representatives work for contractors and sell their services, whereas others work to get their clients to sign long-term contracts with the company.

A high school diploma and several years of experience are what you need to get a job as a sales and marketing representative in the construction industry.

6. Safety Engineer

Safety engineers conduct studies to identify potential hazards, review designs to make sure they are safe, and ensure that safety regulations are followed. The job can be very challenging and rewarding, and it’s a very high-paying career.

You will need a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a few years of experience as a safety engineer or a supervising capacity.

A safety engineering certification program from a recognized training/certification body is also a requisite to becoming a safety engineer with any construction company. With these qualifications, a job as a safety engineer could be a great career path for you.

7. Equipment Operator

Construction companies need workers to operate all kinds of equipment, which is a great position for someone interested in a career in the construction industry. Like with many other industries, the machinery used in the construction industry is becoming more automated, and many operations are being done by remote control.

Depending on the type of equipment that you operate, you may be able to work from remote locations, as well.

If you are interested in working as an equipment operator, you should look for construction jobs in areas with growth, such as the western states. Some of the best job sites in the USA consistently list such jobs.


Construction is one of the most challenging industries to get into. However, anyone can make it big in the construction industry with the right background and qualifications.

If you are interested in working in the construction industry in a few years, focus on getting a degree in a technical field, working in the industry for exposure, and obtaining relevant certifications before looking for suitable jobs.

With so many newer opportunities on the horizon, stop thinking about if and why a career in industrial construction can be lucrative. Just work hard, and you will be successful.

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