By Expedi USA, December 14, 2021

10 Signs That it is Time to Start Looking for a New Job

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey, around 3 million workers quit their job each month.

A job that challenges you regularly and offers opportunities for professional growth leads to rapid career advancement. If these things are missing from your current job, then it is time to move on and consider a new position elsewhere.

It is hard to decide to move on to a new job. You may not want to leave your current position hastily, but also don’t want to be stuck in the same workplace that doesn’t offer you career growth opportunities. If you are unsure of making that decision to a new company, here are ten sure shot signs that indicate it is time for you to get a new job.

1. It Looks Like a Layoff is Imminent

Due to the pandemic, some companies have become susceptible to its negative impacts leading to layoffs. If your coworkers are being furloughed, then there is a good chance that things are unstable. When the overall business has slowed down, your workload has significantly decreased, and the key accounts are struggling with payments or have disassociated from the company, it is time to get a jump start on your job search because a layoff is impending in the organization.

2. There is Less Work Flexibility

A 2017 study indicated that potential candidates are willing to work at 8% less in salary if it meant they could work with flexible work schedules. If you are looking for a remote job and your current organization does not offer that flexibility and going back to the office does not excite you, it may be time to find a new job.

3. Your Work Performance is Suffering

Have you noticed your enthusiasm decreasing significantly for your job, which has led to a decline in your job performance? If you have stopped looking forward to waking up to work, it is time to address your next move. Establish an improvement plan for yourself to see if you can improve your performance, but if there is no resolution, find a job that keeps you motivated, and where Mondays don’t scare you!

4. You Have Made the Most Out of Your Current Position

Every job position has a threshold of offering knowledge and a learning curve that ends at some point. If you feel that you have outgrown your current role and learned everything you possibly can, you may need to change your job to avoid career burnout. Also, if your present organization does not offer an opportunity for career advancement or training to enhance your professional growth, move to a new position that gives you more responsibilities to spread your wings.

5. Top Performers in the Company are Leaving

The top talents of a company rarely leave the organization frequently. Suppose you notice that most of the talented performers within the firm are leaving. It is an indication that the company is not taking the necessary steps to retain employees or that the organization may be suffering financially. Employee turnover beyond an average rate indicates a pattern, and it is time to consider a new position to avoid being fired.

6. The Pay is Not Getting Better

Performance appraisal is an essential step in the career growth of an employee. If your raise requests have been put off several times, you have probably hit a wall in the company. It is pretty clear that the employers are unwilling to wrestle with your pay, so it is time to search for a different role that pays fairly. There are a lot of companies that are willing to pay better and have a fixed appraisal cycle.

7. There are no Promotional Opportunities

Other than unfair compensation, lack of professional growth is the primary reason that employees leave their jobs. Getting recognition and reward for a commendable performance motivates employees to work harder. However, with no job promotion, people may feel stuck in their current position due to a lack of career advancement. If your current organization does not offer potential growth and progress in your career, then consider seeking opportunities that do.

8. Questionable Company Ethics

The company that you associate with follows a set of rules and regulations to function. However, some organizations indulge in unfair practices and unethical activities that may land you in a compromising situation. Working in an organization involved in unethical or, worse, illegal activities is harmful to your job portfolio. Such companies can land themselves in a threatening situation, including you, as compliance with their actions. So, if you find yourself questioning your company’s ethics, leave the current job and find a new one.

9. You Want to Make a Career Change

Due to unavoidable circumstances, we often associate ourselves with jobs that may not be our first choice. Or in many cases, we realize our true passion /dream job later on in life. Dragging on in the current job is not a wise decision as it will only lead to a downward curve in performance. It is never too late to explore other options and find a job that suits your newfound passion and skills.

10. The Idea of a New Job Excites You

Employees need to be challenged regularly at work to avoid chronic boredom. Consistent boredom may lead to unmotivated and disinterested behavior at work, which can reflect poorly on your performance. On the other hand, a new job can be exciting as you learn new protocols, and are obliged to new responsibilities in a different work environment. So, if your heart flutters at the thought of a new job, then it is your gut telling you to get into job search mode. Ready for your next job now? With the help of our experts at ExpediUSA, build a portfolio with the best career opportunities and earn a fair wage to upgrade yourself to a job that you rightly deserve! Explore the current openings on ExpediUSA and find a role that suits your skills, goals, and experience.

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